M.L. Jones

TCC Center for Creativity
MLJ Elite Foreman
Joe Madix at ABC's Awards Banquet

TCC Center for Creativity
2009 ABC Excellence in Construction Award Winner

          M.L. Jones total contract for this project was $ 1,214,075.00. Our scope of work included Stucco, Gypsum Board Assemblies, Cold Formed Metal Framing, Acoustic Wall Panels, Special Wall and Sound Panels Hangers & Clips, Interior Wood and Metal Backing, Building Insulation, and Acoustical Ceilings. The exterior of the building is composed of stucco, metal wall panels and large amounts of glass. Due to the amount of glass on the project, completing interior construction proved to be extremely challenging. Most of the construction had to be done in a very limited time frame without sacrificing quality and detail. Due to the acoustical complexity of the project there were many obstacles to overcome such as working with sound engineering clips and products not typically used in standard buildings. With the help of Flintco and the Sextant Group, all potential problems were resolved before each phase of the project began.

TCC Center for Creativity

          At a cost of $ 15,000,000.00 this 48,000 square foot building was designed to exhibit a sleek, high tech appearance. The east half of the building houses the classrooms for computer digital design, newspaper, and radio broadcast studios. The west side of the building provides a more conservative appearance and currently houses most back-of-house functions and television production edit bays.

          Television production studios are located on the ground floor. The larger studio is currently the largest within the City of Tulsa. A smaller studio will be used primarily for student instruction. Each studio is provided with acoustical wall and ceiling treatments and has a dedicated control room.

Tulsa's first Green Roof

Above the Production Studios, the building features Tulsa’s first green roof on a commercial building. The green roof serves several functions including a means to minimize rainwater runoff, a cooling oasis with flowering sedum at the 3rd floor outdoor plaza, and offers additional sound attenuation for the studios below.

          The Event Space at the north end ground floor features a large projection screen, large amounts of glass opening onto Boston Avenue with showroom glass doors that will enable events to spill out onto a covered plaza. A decorative acoustical wood wall and cloud ceilings are designed to enhance the state of the art audio and visual systems provided in the space. Theatrical lighting will provide flexibility to the use of the space.

Interior Commons    Interior Wood Panels

          The building features sound rated walls, doors and windows throughout sound sensitive areas with additional fabric wrapped acoustical treatments throughout the radio and television studios, control rooms and edit bays. In addition sheetrock ceilings, all mechanical equipment, piping and ductwork at the lower two floors are provided with acoustical isolation springs and hangers to prevent structural borne noise transmission.

          The overall project turned out beyond expectations and has captured the attention of citizens, faculty, and students helping Tulsa Community College continue to become a premier educational establishment in the area.