M.L. Jones

Jenks - Health & Fitness Center

1st United Methodist Church

          M.L. Jones recognized long ago the need for a quality safety program, not only for the well being of their employees, but also to compete and qualify in the changing market. A safe work environment can be related to almost every aspect of the business from boosting production in the field to lowering insurance rates; thus lowering bid cost. With an OSHA Outreach Trainer employed, the company has brought itself to a new level. M. L. Jones is not just another safety program only on paper. The "Safety First" program is taken very seriously within the company and is essential to future progress.

          Safety starts in the field with properly informed and educated employees. All employees are required to attend OSHA training provided by M.L. Jones. The Safety Facilitator hosts courses quarterly for the 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA Construction Safety and Health Training of all employees and supervisors. Supervisors are also certified in CPR and first aid. There are internal safety programs created for the employees involving incentives and consequences in relation to the safety policy.

          Each week the employees have job site “Tool Box Talks” which are safety tips and reminders read in the field from safety sheets compiled by M.L. Jones. The meetings are designed to reinforce the employees OSHA training and safety awareness on the jobsite. The information is site specific with every job. Employees sign these sheets and return them to be filed for safety records.

          A Safety Committee was formed in 2005 to help improve the infrastructure of the safety program. The Safety Committee included volunteer employees that take time out of their evening to discuss with the Safety Facilitator questions, concerns, and ideas on how to improve the program. In 2008 the Committee was restructured to include new members yearly. Keeping an “in touch” relationship with employees is key to the program, as well as the company’s success.